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Tablets, Capsules (Beta lactam and non beta lactam antibiotic) ointments & external lotion products are manufactured at this facility. There are four types of products:
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Each consignment of material received is examined visually and damaged goods are kept separate and await Quality Control’s further instructions for disposal or return. On verification of quantity received and making batch wise segregation identification number is given serially & all the containers are labeled as `UNDER TEST’ with details such as name, code number, quantity, no. of containers, manufacturer’s name, material code no. and material is then quarantined.

Samples are drawn as per sampling plan and tested in detail as per specifications by quality control. On completion of tests Q.C. decides whether the material is approved or rejected and accordingly if material is approved, ‘APPROVED’ labels are affixed and material is transferred to “Approved Material” storage area.

All packaging materials are handled as per above procedure only and Approved/Rejected status labels are affixed accordingly. Printed packaging materials are stored securely under lock & key and issued in requisite number only. At various places of operations separate areas are created so that the material or product is held on `Under Test’, `Approved’, `Rejected’, or `quarantined’, etc... All raw materials are transported in closed labeled. Containers or properly labeled sealed plastic bags. The Quality Assurance instructions are followed for material status
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